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Crucifixion. St. Helena, Tsarina, Equal to Apostles.

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Technique:   Miniature relief, casting, gilding, niello, handwork.
Average weight, g:   4,4
Materials:  Silver (925). Gilding (999).
Dimensions, mm:  30х19


Prayer: "Pray to the Lord for me, O Holy Angel of God"
             "Pray to God for me, all Saints well-pleasing to God"


      St. Equal to Apostles Helena (about 250-330) was the mother of St. Equal to the Apostles Emperor Constantine, who made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire. Together with his son in 312, she accepted Christianity and started to support its approval and acceptance all around the empire. In 326 St. Helena went to Jerusalem to find the cross on which the Lord was crucified. She managed to find out from locals that on the place of Holy Cross burial was built a temple in honor of Venus. By order of Helena the temple was demolished, there were found three crosses and a plate with the inscription: "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews." Crosses one by one were placed over the deceased. By placing the third cross the dead had resurrected. Then the Patriarch of Jerusalem Macarius and St. Helena raised the cross of Christ and showed it to the people. In memory of this event 14/27 September Church established the Triumph of the Holy Cross (the Holy-Rood Day). Tsarina Helena impressed by this event built a few temples in the Holy Land, one of which is a temple of the Lord Resurrection (Holy Sepulcher), where every year on Easter night Holy Fire flares up by itself.
St. Helena is commemorated on 19/6 March and 3 June / 21 May.