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Orthodox symbols

   The best jewelers always found as a big honor to work for the Orthodox Church. Crucifix, reliquary, guarding holy pictures, lockets, guard rings, bracelets and chains with guard prayers are made in the canons and traditions of the Orthodox Church. Some of them based on ancient art forms, the other ones are completely new jewelry artworks. Each thing has its own idea, theological conception, embodied in art forms and figures. Strict adherence to the church canons is connected with the most advanced technologies. This is a traditional products for the modern people. Individual orthodox shrines that are presented on our website are always recognizable by thin silver reliefs of miniature icons framed by gold ornament and unsurpassed subtlety of execution. These collections have been awarded for many times with quality rewards and were recognized as the best ones on the five continents. One of the main principles of our masters is conformity to canons of Orthodox Church. That's why all our artists are working in close cooperations with the theological and with the blessing of the hierarchs of the Orthodox Church.